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I’m going to teach you how to do google searches for academic documents.

It’s really simple.

Firstly, the results you get when you search plain google, vs google scholar, will be different. You should search both.

When searching Google Scholar, uncheck “include patents”.

Now. When you put a hyphen in front of something, it EXCLUDES it.

So say you’re looking for Thor, but some scientists working on a chemistry something or another nicknamed their project Thor. If you search Thor -chemistry, no articles with the word chemistry in it will appear.

Say you want something on the Kensington stone. If you type in the individual words, you’ll get tons that have the word stone in them and things from every place and thing named Kensington under the sun. Quote marks make something have to match that phrase exactly. Search "Kensington stone", and only articles with both those words in that order will appear.

The hyphen excluder? Also works with quotes. So Thor -“chemistry project” will remove all articles with the exact phrase chemistry project, but not if chemistry or project appear separate from one another.

You can also hyphen remove mutiple words. ( Thor -chemistry -project would toss out all results where both chemistry and project appear as single words or in combination.)

Got it so far?

Ok. Now.

If you add into the searchbox filetype:pdf, what will show up are PDF download links. Only links that lead to those sorts of files. If there is a PDF document that can be downloaded it will pop up in the list. If it matches your other keywords.

So Thor -chemistry filetype:pdf will give you pdf files that mention Thor but do not mention chemistry.


When you search this stuff, you’ll occasionally see “oh, wow, I am getting all this stuff from, they have a lot of free PDFs.” And you want to see alllllllllll the PDFs? Thor site:”” filetype:pdf will give you all of the PDFs, on that particular site, that mention Thor.

(Also worth noting: if you use a TILDE next to a word, it will include synonyms in your search. So ~stone will also give you results for rock. This really only works for common English words, not names, so don’t put in ~Tyr and expect to also see results for Tiw.)

These are my magic search formulas for finding all the things. Play nice, have fun, share the goodies you find.

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