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Some random things:

  • I predominantly get Loki as Breaker of Worlds, and know a few other people who do. I’ve been seeing a lot of flailing going on that’s essentially ”auuuugh Breaker of Worlds, so scary, asdfjkl;”. Relax, guys.It’s rough, but it’s not the pants-wetting terror people seem to be making the experience out to be.
  • I’m not against talking about my personal experiences and UPG (and will clearly mark such things as my UPG), but I’m cautious about what and how much I say. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with sharing things only for people to misinterpret them, or ignore warnings, and watched a bunch of damaging situations unfold.
  • I’ve gotten a couple of notes asking about recommended books for beginners.I’m working on a post for it. It’s taking me awhile because I want to offer more than just a list, but give some details about why I recommend those books. Reasons are always helpful.
  • I’ve considered doing short lesson posts about various things. Each of the individual runes, how I do seidhr, etc. I have no idea what sorts of things people might be interested in. I just know that runes and seidhr are two things that people ask about a lot.
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